• Sunday worship service

    Join us for our weekly worship service. Click here for more details:

    Time: Sundays @ 4:00PM

    Location: First Parish Dorchester


    King's Kids is our children's and youth ministry for grades K-12. Come join us for fun, community, and Bible Study.

    Thursdays @ 6:15-7:45PM

    Location: First Parish Dorchester

    Contact: Katie Ernst

  • Thursday Prayer

    We are a praying church! Come join us for our weekly time of prayer for our neighborhood, our church, and our world. Parents can drop off kids at King's Kids, then join us in prayer.

    Time: Thursdays @ 6:30pm

    Location: First Parish Dorchester


    We partner with Fair Foods to provide affordable healthy food to our neighborhood. Come volunteer at the site, or just stop by for your own $2 bag!

    Time: Fridays @ 3:30-5:30PM

    Location: First Parish Dorchester

    Contact: Keith Riddle

  • Neighborhood PRAYER WALKs

    Our church partners with Boy With A Ball to go on neighborhood prayer walks each Saturday.

    Time: Saturdays @ 10AM

    Contact: David Nok